Custom clothing packaging

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Custom Cosmetic Packaging

Printed Paper Tubes Ltd supply a wide range of custom cosmetic packaging allowing you to ship your products in style.

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Custom Candle Packaging

Printed Paper Tubes Ltd supply a wide range of candle tube packaging to suit any occasion.

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Custom Food & Beverages Packaging

Printed Paper Tubes Ltd supply a wide range of food grade tube packaging with custom printing to ship your items in style.

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Custom Clothing Packaging

Printed Paper Tubes Ltd supply a wide range of custom garment packaging to help ship your items in style.

Artwork packaging tubes
Custom Artwork Packaging

Printed Paper Tubes Ltd supply branded artwork and poster packaging tubes to a wide range of clients.

Custom garment packaging

When it comes to your custom clothing and garment packaging, we at Printed Paper Tubes Ltd offer an extensive selection of tubes with sizes ranging from 38mm up to 101mm so you can ship your clothing with style and ease.

We understand the vast variety of items that the clothing industry offers and our custom garment packaging reflects that. As well as varying sizes, we also never request a minimum order quantity so you can order as many or as few packaging tubes as you need.

When shipping out clothes, having custom clothing packaging that adapts to sizes, types of clothes, and number of clothes gives you a cost-effective way to ship your clothing.

What’s more, our tubes are also water resistant so you can also ship your clothes with confidence!

We also always use high-quality digital or litho prints to customise your packaging, so you can be sure the finished product is of the highest standard – we can even enhance your custom clothing packaging with foil or special finishes depending on your order size.

Check out our range of sizes and prices to see what Printed Paper Tubes Ltd can offer you with your custom garment packaging.

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Not sure what you want your custom clothing packaging to look like? Check out what we have created for our customers below, and for more information or to enquire, contact us now.

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Why choose us as your custom clothing packaging suppliers?

At Printed Paper Tubes Ltd, not only do we provide you with a simple, safe and cost-effective way to order your t-shirt tube packaging but we also provide you with unparalleled customer service.

From the moment you enquire, through the production process to the moment you receive your finished tubes, we put you first. We pride ourselves on building strong and lasting relationships with our customers and consider it a privilege to work with you.

With our extensive service, we endeavour to keep you informed and updated along the entire process, ensuring that you are satisfied with your custom clothing packaging.

Unlike a number of our competitors, we offer a ton of flexibility with a wide variety of sizes and options when placing your order to ensure that not only do you leave us with a high-quality finished product but you also do so with complete ease.