Custom Food and Drink packaging

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Custom Cosmetic Packaging

Printed Paper Tubes Ltd supply a wide range of custom cosmetic packaging allowing you to ship your products in style.

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Custom Candle Packaging

Printed Paper Tubes Ltd supply a wide range of candle tube packaging to suit any occasion.

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Custom Food & Beverages Packaging

Printed Paper Tubes Ltd supply a wide range of food grade tube packaging with custom printing to ship your items in style.

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Custom Clothing Packaging

Printed Paper Tubes Ltd supply a wide range of custom garment packaging to help ship your items in style.

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Custom Artwork Packaging

Printed Paper Tubes Ltd supply branded artwork and poster packaging tubes to a wide range of clients.

Custom Food and Drink packaging

Here at Cores and Tubes Ltd, we have a variety of solutions for your food and beverages secondary packaging.

Our food and drink packaging is a sustainable and eco-friendly way to package your beverages, food products like biscuits, jams, sauces, and spices. We have worked with many companies providing them with high-quality custom made food & drink packaging.

No matter the size of your order, or your packaging needs, we are here to help.
We aim to make our service as straightforward as possible.

There is no minimum order quantity as we believe every product deserves high-quality packaging.

Our tube production range is from 38mm to 101mm internal diameter. The outer finishes of your food & drink packaging can be plain, or custom printed, and we hold a wide range of coloured papers in stock. We also offer a comprehensive range of end enclosures.

So, check out the available sizes below and contact us to get a free quote on our extensive luxury food & drink packaging range now.

Bottle Packaging – Wine, Beer and Spirits

Here at Cores and Tubes Ltd, we have a variety of solutions for your bottle packaging. Our beverages packaging is an excellent addition to any business for a final finish of their bottle packaging. Whether it be beer, spirits or wine our tube packaging is ideal for not only protecting your products but making them stand out.

Biscuit Packaging

We have a wide range of secondary biscuit packaging solutions at Cores and Tubes Ltd. Our biscuit tubes are an excellent addition to any business’s product. We also have a wide assortment of biscuit gift packaging, which is a perfect complement to any goods for special occasions. Our tube packing is excellent for storing and protecting your easy damageable products.

Jam Packaging

We have various packaging options for your jam products. Our luxury jam packaging is a beautiful addition to any company’s final product finish. To wrap and preserve your items, take a look at our tube packaging options.

Sauce Packaging

You can find a massive selection of solutions for your sauce bottle packaging. Our sauce packaging is fantastic if you are looking to add an extra final finish to your product packaging. Check out our tube packaging solutions to start a new packaging journey.

Herbs And Spices Packaging

We offer an extensive selection of various solutions for herbs and spices packaging. Our spice packaging is specifically designed to provide an excellent customer experience. It is ideal for storing and selling your products. Select from a variety of tube packaging to upgrade your product packaging.

Size list

If you are unsure what, food & drink packaging would be the best for you. We are always happy to offer advice. Contact us now to start your custom packaging journey.

Get in touch now

You can contact us through our contact form, book a 15 minute discovery call, or simply call one of our friendly team today.

We are always on hand to talk you through your ordering process and discuss how to provide you with a personalised customer experience.

Why choose us as your food & drink packaging suppliers?

At Cores and Tubes Ltd, we service tons of small businesses. And, as a small business ourselves, we understand that time and money are of the essence. That’s why our goal is to deliver high-quality food & drink packaging at the best price.

Although packaging is not food grade, so it is not suitable for direct food contact, we believe that our custom packaging is one of the best ways to make your product stand. When a customer orders from your business online, the packaging is the first tangible experience of your products. That is why our custom packaging for food and beverages is always of the highest quality.

We use the latest range of high-speed tube winding and re-cutting machinery, which allows us to create high-quality packaging at a competitive price. Our highly experienced staff ensures the quality of every single tube and optimises our processes so we can bring you quality packaging at an affordable price.

Communication with our customers is a priority for us. We put you first at every step of the journey, from the moment you enquire to the moment we send you your custom food and drink packaging.

Unlike many other packaging companies, we never request a minimum order quantity. So, you have the freedom and flexibility to place an order of packaging tubes of any size.