Flexible packaging for all industries

Here at Cores & Tubes, we are proud to work with such a diverse and extensive range of industries, happily producing cardboard tube packaging that suits your exacting standards. 

We aim to ensure that no matter the project, we create the most suitable packaging for you that shows off your product and emphasizes your brand while providing industry packaging that protects your goods and ensures a smooth journey from point A to B.

This is why we aim to create flexible packaging with sizes ranging from 38mm to 101mm, ensuring that regardless of the industry, we have the packaging to fit your needs.

Whatsmore, we also give you the ability to customise and personalise your industry packaging with your designs and logo, ensuring a finished cardboard tube packaging that you can proudly send to your customers.

Regardless of the industry, you need to have confidence in the industrial packaging for your product. That’s what we offer; the relief of knowing when your packaging design is with us, it is in safe hands. This is why we ensure extra safety for those extra precious items with an extra-thick layer for your flexible packaging. 

Check out our packaging designs and the industries we’ve worked with we want to boast about.

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Why choose us for your cardboard tube packaging?

At Cores & Tubes, we tailor our services around you and your needs, no industry is the same, and the packaging services you entrust with your products and goods should reflect that. 

Commercial delivery

No Minimum Order Quantity

We understand that project sizes vary greatly, which is why we offer all of our clients a no minimum order requirement giving you complete free rein to create an industry packaging tube that works for you.

Package settings

Fully Customisable Printed & Branded Tubes

We have created a simple, efficient, and cost-effective way to make your cardboard tube packaging bespoke to any requirements you might have.

Logistic Operator

Exceptional Customer Service

We pride ourselves on customer service, which is why our flexible packaging approach to our customers gives them the breathing room they need just to be creative and have an end product they are happy with, no need to compromise.

Samples Of Your Product Can Be Sent To You

With an emphasis on keeping you informed throughout the development of your product, including sending you a sample product so that you can rest assured your flexible packaging will be of the highest quality.

Industries we've worked with

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Custom Cosmetic Packaging

Cores & Tubes supply a wide range of custom cosmetic packaging allowing you to ship your products in style.

candles cut out 2 What We Can Do
Custom Candle Packaging

Cores & Tubes supply a wide range of candle tube packaging to suit any occasion.

food drink cut out 2 What We Can Do
Custom Food & Beverages Packaging

Cores & Tubes supply a wide range of food grade tube packaging with custom printing to ship your items in style.

t shirt cut out 2 What We Can Do
Custom Clothing Packaging

Cores & Tubes supply a wide range of custom garment packaging to help ship your items in style.

Artwork packaging tubes
Custom Artwork Packaging

Cores & Tubes supply branded artwork and poster packaging tubes to a wide range of clients.

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